Maria-Hélèna Pacelli

A journey through the moon: renewal, rebirth and rejoicing

In astronomy, the new moon is the time when the Sun and Moon are at exact opposite sides of the Earth and the moon becomes dark, no longer reflecting any light from the sun. This natural phenomenon has been the subject of myth and lore in cultures and religions around the world, marking a powerful cycle of renewal.

The rituals surrounding the new moon are typically in worship of the divine feminine and traditional circles are reserved only for women, as a time coinciding with women’s moon cycle or menstruation, where women gather to pass through their cyclical changes and renew themselves.

Historically, women have been excluded from major religions and rituals that worship the divine feminine in relation to the moon have been ostracized from mainstream religions and secular society. However, in seeking to transcend duality, new forms of spirituality are emerging that begin to blur the stark lines between male and female incarnations and recognizing that the divine qualities of feminine and masculine inhabit all beings.

The Shakti Sacred Moon Circle has been gathering for each new moon since June 2011, holding space for gratitude and setting intentions that serve the times. By gathering and sharing space with one another, we heal together and crystallize our intentions by consecrating them in a circle.

Each month we gather under a theme and journey together into the realm of energies that arise in each of our lives, holding sacred space in worship of the divine feminine which inhabits all beings, creatures and spirits on earth.

Inspired by previous new moon ceremonies, this group gathers under independent tantric teachings from a position of self-inquiry. We work with the principle of amplification to set intentions that will serve us in moving through our life journey and actualizing the unique expression of our ‘selves’ so that we may bring forward the gifts that we have to deliver in this incarnation.

Unlike other moon gatherings, this circle is gender-inclusive and open to anyone who wishes to connect with the divine feminine energies of the new moon. Building on the energy of previous gatherings, we gather in every lunar cycle to renew ourselves and seek a fresh perspective on our lives, checking in with ourselves and each other and using this potent time to set intent in the spirit of gratitude.

In the spirit of community we begin the ceremony with a potluck feast symbolizing the notion of sharing and abundance. With our appetites content, we move into sacred space to go within.

The format of the ceremonies uses the medicine of the moment and may include smudging, opening prayers or mantras, chants, music or art-making as the occasion calls for. The activities are determined based on the energies of the moment and the themes that we work with.

These activities present an opportunity to connect with the ripeness of birthing energies as they offer the purest spark of potentiality. In the luminal space of the moon’s renewal, you are invited to contemplate all that life offers to be grateful for and offer intentions that serve the divine.

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