Maria-Hélèna Pacelli

Alice @ the NAC

The epic nonsense of this logical insensible tale is impeccable in the pretense of the stage.

The December 26th presentation of Alice in Wonderland by the NAC’s English Theatre was a priceless excursion into this epic tale of a young girl eager to discover an escapce from the confines of British high society.

True to the written book moreso than other versions I’ve gleaned, this presentation features all the familiar characters who tell the story so well. The stage props and backdrops were appropriately bizarre in their aesthetic, yet simple and contemporary, while pleasing to the eye.

Colourful costumes, theatre tricks like bubbles and candy surprising audience members in their seats broke the fourth wall, inviting spectators to cast themselves as observers from within Wonderland.

This production was a delight to set my sights on!

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