Maria-Hélèna Pacelli

Birthing a blog

Dear Blogosphere,

After months of gestation my modest blog is ready to launch itself into the big blogosphere. It’s a big intimidating world out there and adding my voice to the millions out there is a scary thing.

I am quite fond of the birthing metaphor as a parallel for the inception of this project. Though I’ve never given birth in this lifetime, the period of conception, gestation and birth provide a pungent impression of what creative projects are for me. Much like welcome a new spirit into the world, setting the stage for this new project is like laying out the blankets for a newborn, protecting it from unknown perils, nurturing it and above all else, accepting it as perfect in its imperfection.

For months now I’ve been feeling that there are so many ideas bursting that my mind is splitting at the seams. Of course, when the time comes for the project to be brought into this world I am wrought with anxiety and fears of what will happen to my project once I send it out into the world. Ultimately it will stand for itself and I won’t always be there to speak for it.

But, it will make its way, taking on a life of its own, and hopefully, carrying on a legacy of all the love and creative energy that went into sewing the fabrics of its existence.

Welcome to my little world.

Pixie making waves.

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