Maria-Hélèna Pacelli


Asking Women* About Sexism in the Music Industry

This originally appeared in Modern Songstress.   What I learned when asking women about their experiences with sexism in the music industry. As a feminist singer-songwriter I often find myself at odds, having to choose my battles between confronting sexist experiences and building relationships that would allow me to move my career forward. I’ve worked with …

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On conflict and growth

January 20, 2015   After a recent conflict arising with my neighbours, I was forced to examine the nature of conflict and growth. I had to ask myself not only why this was happening and what the outcome would be on a human level. What would be the reason for such an intense conflict, and …

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I want to be love

July 15, 2014   I want to be love, but I am not love. I wish I could say that everything I do and everything I pray for is loving and kind and beautiful, but the truth is that there is a darkness inside festering. The depths of humanity are not always kind. When my …

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Crossing in the dark

February 10, 2012   Our darkest moments can be our greatest teachers. For a year now I’ve been paying cautious attention to the events of my waking life and observing the stories I tell myself as though I were recounting a dream. This dreamwork on the human waking dream has given me some powerful insights …

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The origin of zero

October 24, 2011   The universe is composed of infinite patterns. From those that constitute our behaviour as humans, to the fractals of dance that map the growth of flora, to the images that we can observe of constellations at astronomical levels. In our search for meaning, we may come to belive in certain illusions …

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Apathy and healing

Apathy is a necessary part of healing. I had the opportunity of learning this while going through a very challenging life experience that left me moving through extremes of raw pain and complete numbness. I began wondering what was going on and how I could suddenly stop being invested in my own healing. I was …

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