Maria-Hélèna Pacelli

Impromptu sur(real)under

In the ongoing search to improve our lives, we may seek to arrive at sometimes elusive destinations that take our attention away from the road we walk.

The creative process however rests on a complete surrender. One must let go of all inhibitions and let their purest essence flow through them unhindered. As an artist this is my biggest struggle, facing an ego that is constantly judging my own work, imagining how others receive it and what they may be thinking.

I come face to face with my own fearlessness; that place within that offers itself uncompromisingly.

It is a performance, one the paves the path of perfection with perils, permutations and practice.

The creative act is not one that carries us to a product or desitation. It is a fleeting experience that we must lose ourselves in, lose track of and find again over and over as we walk the path. We must surrender to that real and spontaneous part of ourselves where truth finds expression in an impromptu moment of catharsis.

When the path and process reach synergy in an impromptu moment of ephemeral bliss, real art happens.

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