Maria-Hélèna Pacelli


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Innominate Nature 

Exhibition On View: Friday January 14 – Sunday February 20, 2022

Where: SPAO Centre, 77 Pamilla Street, Ottawa

We invite you to join either in-person or online for SPAO’s new exhibition Innominate Nature. The exhibition features the experimental work by Ontario-based artists Stéphane Alexis, Julia Campisi, Alexander Finlay & Maria-Hélèna Pacelli. 

After two years of incubation, who are we now? Have the pressures of recent events cracked the fragile molds of our identity to such an extent that we must now reconcile our new found self? Can new light shine on previously unexplored places, exposing a new sense of our experience in the world?

Innominate Nature is an exhibition of artists who reject a ‘return to normal’ in favor of a deeply personal emergence into the unknown. It is an avant-garde exhibition that pushes experimental techniques, new conceptual boundaries and site-specific photo installation. Visitors can expect to confront their own identities, and the ways in which they choose to re-emerge into the world after a period of introspection.

To visit the website online please visit:

Bios and websites of the artists are available below. 

For more information about the exhibition, or interview requests please contact 

613 562 3824



Maria-Hélèna Pacelli released her first independent album in 2016. Her eclectic alternative folk sound has been compared to of Tori Amos, Joan Baez or Florence and the Machine. Her unique sound inspires activists and earth-lovers and makes the kids dance when no one is watching.



Sample Maria-Hélèna Pacelli’s music below or purchase her new album, Stories the Land Will Tell here.


I AM ALIVE – What is Art Place?

When we think of Art we also think of Creativity. But why is Creativity so important in our lives? How does art and creativity transform us into something more? Find out on this episode of I Am Alive with 3 creative artists with diverse backgrounds from theatrical magic and story-telling to contemporary dance & choreography, these creative artists are helping transform our communities through Art Place.


Is it possible that what we feel and experience through art changes who we are becoming? Find out with special guest Maria-Hélèna Pacelli, a multidisciplinary artist and activist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master’s in Women’s Studies and who’s research examines the intersections of art and social change. She will also be sharing with us a few creative songs while playing live her mandolin to socially inspire change.  Listen HERE.


Interview featured on Art’s Place.

Interview featured on Thought Change.

Listen HERE.


Roots & Rhythms started out in 1997 as a roots music program (older blues, country, r&b and rock(abilly), with some contemporary jazz and world music thrown in as well. Most programs were devoted to a specific artist, label, city or genre. Since then, the core concept has remained the same, but has been broadened to include some pop and more mix-type programs blending eclectic choices across genre and time periods. Throughout, the emphasis has been on music that swings, jumps, or rocks.

Listen HERE.

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