Maria-Hélèna Pacelli

On conflict and growth

January 20, 2015


After a recent conflict arising with my neighbours, I was forced to examine the nature of conflict and growth. I had to ask myself not only why this was happening and what the outcome would be on a human level. What would be the reason for such an intense conflict, and why is it that the solution is the need to set boundaries and create seperation when the inevitable truth is that we are a whole trying to intergrate and recognize itself?

I began to contemplate conflict and separation and asked myself how this dynamic could create growth. What came to me was the image of cells dividing. Beginning to define themselves as seperate, creating a permeable boundaries, and then finally seperating. All this, the discomfort, the seperation, so that we can grow.

I realized it was the perfect metaphor. Cells grow and expand by creating seperation. By seperating at the cellular level, we grow.

When we seperate outselves from others it is not so much that we are deluded but that this veil is a necessary step for a greater evolution that we can scarcely grasp.

We must realize that our immediate pain, the distance, the discomfort, serves our expansion and the evolution of a cosmos that is beyond us and that we are here to serve, like the cells that come together to move and animate our bodies.

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