Maria-Hélèna Pacelli

Cryptic Triptych

This project is a collaborative exploration of interpretation across art forms. Along the lines of broken telephone or exquisite corpse, the artists build off of one another’s offering, translating it into a different art form. A painting comes alive in dance, and dance transforms into poetry. What remains of the original offering in the end? What has changed?


Translating the work of dancer Allison Elizabeth Burns, inspired by the visual art of Bucko aka Chris Binkowski

Surrendering to the celestial wisdom of the elders by Bucko

Video Interpretation by Allison Elizabeth Burns

Twirling Fabric Audio Interpretation by Maria-Hélèna Pacelli

Twirling Fabric Audio Interpretation by Maria-Helena Pacelli 

The video begins

Red screen

Red screen

A shape appears

It looks like a face

It’s a veiled face

From the front

Then from the side

Then from the front again


I hear a note

The person’s eyes are closed

Then they open

Close up

Fabric begins to drop

Red veil

The veil fades

As I look closer

Shoulders roll back

Filter fades to white

One shoulder

The other shoulder rolls back

Chin up

Shoulder back

Shoulder back


Music is sensual

Movements are sensual



Blue fabrics

Movements flow

Open arms

Hug yourself


Purple fabric covers the screen

A figure dressed in red holding blue and purple fabric

Makes circles with their upper body

In one direction

The other direction

Drawing the head back

Drawing hands around themselves

Circles with the head

Circles with the body




White background

Red dress


Arms circling, circling, circling…

Around to one side

Around to the other side

Twisting fabric

Overlap faded fabric



White background

Twirling, twirling fabric


Bringing fabric to the heart centre, drawing it up

The figure in the red dress holds hands by the heart centre

Beating heart

Beating heart expands

Mimicking the beating heart with the hands




White background


A pregnant body appears in a white dress

Moving arms

Then moving hands

Slow movements




Moving hands and forearms

Overlapping figure

Slow movements

In one direction

Hands like small butterfly wings

Then folding over one another

Twirling body

Twirling hands


Drawing circles with the arms

Flowing in one direction

The figure has a tattoo on her back

She begins to move faster

Arms like a bird

The music…

Is sensual





White dress

White background

Hair tied back

Purple fabric

Blue fabric

Overlapping video frames with hands

Beating heart






And white


Dressed in blue

Hands come together

The video fades

To white

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