Maria-Hélèna Pacelli

Simultaneous creation and destruction

I’ve recently been taken with fully exploring sensations in a body as part of transcending established notions of space and time as containement, seeing them instead as vehicles for chanelling creative energy

As the connective thread of these blog posts demonstrate thus far, I quite enjoy metaphors as explicatives as they are the most sublime union of image and word where word is the medium used to paint an image that can only be seen with the imagination.

My latest hearthrob is a finger pointing at the moon metaphor humbly borrowed from Bruce Lee, which I found while surving the web in search for videos that would somehow prove my theory that the universe does indeed care for us, or at the very least that the believe that the universe cares for us will provide enough trust for us to move forward rather than sinking into fear-based patterns that are ultimately antisocial and spiral downwards into pools of accummulated karma.

I came across this gem which seemed to draw interesting connections between this metaphor and metaphysical notions of trust in the universe, or at the very least, moving forward on a path with enough equanimity to cultivate growth.

In this finger pointing at the moon metaphor, if pain (sensation, experience) is the finger, and the moon is the universe, trust is what enables us to look beyond the finger to see the “heavenly glory”. At times, pleasure and pain are almost indistinguishable and together paint the hues of the universe… who are we, then, as simple creatures, to select the experiences we think are pleasurable, only to leave out half of the universe’s beauty? were it not for the nightly sky, we would never be able to fully appreciate the moon’s glow, and when the moon retreats, still we can appreciate the depth of the nightly sky itself…

Indeed, the forces of destruction and creation keep one another in check, they delineate the balance that spin the cycles of expansion and contraction, and the tension between them is the adhesive that binds them together in a dance of simultaneous growth and retreat.

For extra fun, here is the original bruce lee scene too:

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