Maria-Hélèna Pacelli

the noble fragrance of a crushed heart

There are few moments that inspire beauty and gratitude as much as the sorrow of a hurting heart. These moments interrupt our daily mechanical operations; force us to look squarely at ourselves in complete honesty and request that we face ourselves, naked, raw and real.


When the heart hurts, its lament summons some of the darkest demons from the corners of our spirit, to be released.


I suspect this is because relationships are mirrors, and in intimate relationships that we care deeply about, the parts that are mirrored are often the most vulnerable parts of ourselves. parts that need healing, that need love and self-care and compassion, and that i reject.


The laws of karma posit that everything we have in our lives are the results of every action, thought and decision in all our life, and all our previous lives and the ultimate goal in this life is not to get what we want, to win something or even to have what our limited human understanding of success and happiness may be.


If this is true, then the focus of this incarnation should be nothing other than to clear karma, to end the endless cycle and transition from duality upwards into the higher frequencies of bliss.


So when our hearts break, we have rare and precious opportunity to explore how to make amends with ourselves, and therefore with the whole universe and all of creation. By making amends with ourselves, we are clearing all our karma and moving into bliss, letting go of needing anything and just being.


The lesson of a broken heart is to focus, i think, on the best way to listen to the universe and make peace with it. It is about making peace with oneself; when we make peace with ourselves, the whole universe makes peace with itself, and learning the art of letting go, and surrendering everything within ourselves that resists that which threatens to loosen our grasp.


The rest belongs to the universe, and we can but be grateful for the slices of time that we are granted the senses with which to glimpse its beauty and wonder.

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